Increase Your English Skill For Free

How many of you using online application to help you doing your work?? is the best online dictionary and translate tool ever !
I have been using since my first year in college (early 2007), I knew because many lectures in the department use it as their daily English tools. The first impression when I use it for the first time was cool. I mean you got everything there. it doesn’t give me only one word but it gives me a bunch words which are useful to get the right meaning of a word that I am looking for. It comes in a perfect simple and easy to understand list of words.
When I have a sentence or even a short paragraph will always be there to give me a big hand translating it, Amazingly I can use such an awesome tool for FREE. there is a translate tool that I can use for free but it is too cheepy, I mean it gives you a totally messy meaning (for sentences). But here with this incredible tools I can get three difference kind of translations for sentences or even a short paragraph with a good grammar. Therefore, I am not only get the sentences but I also get the chance to understand more about the grammar.
As we know has launched their new layout, display and services with a slightly chance. There are some changes like they only give a single translation for sentences or short paragraph and fewer meaning for words. At first I feel disapointing, but then I realize they made such a better change. the words that they provide is way better, I mean they give me the closest meaning to a word that I am looking for . So I don’t have to search into too many words that they give me like their old version one. I love it. And the cherry on top is they also put some synonym for the words that I looking for and you can report to their admin if you think the translation is bad. HOW WONDERFUL.
When I try their new version to translate a sentence or paragraph they give me only one sentence with a (almost) great grammar, it is way much better than the older one (either for English-indonesia or Indonesia – English translation). There is a note that give you the information though. Therefore, I will keep my finger crossed for‘s successful so they can provide more alternatives for the longer sentences.
overall, the new is TOTALY a MUST HAVE daily English tool on your PC, smartphones or even your cellphones (they have sederet.commobile version).
Learn more and increase your English with it is 24/7 FREE!! I love it.
thank you so much for creating such a wonderful web
*bukan blog berbayar* hehehe

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